History of Tylers in America

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A note from Norm:

I have been writing a narrative history of my extended Tyler family. The stories begin in 1638 with the arrival of immigrant Job Tyler, a colorful first settler in Massachusetts. (Our 300+ year old homestead is shown here.) The genealogy of the Tyler line is well documented, so it has been relatively easy to include stories and biographies of notable, as well as some questionable, members of the family. I’ve been uncovering stories about witches, presidents, Revolutionary War leaders, treasonous rebels, Mormons, Caribbean plantation managers, entrepreneurs, and notable professors. It is interesting reading for anyone interested in American history.

Plans are to self-publish the final version within a year, after gaining feedback from a variety of sources. However, a draft version of the book, with all of its editing shortcomings, is available online to read now. If you are interested, access the file at: http://tylertopics.com/jobtylerfamilyhistory.pdf


  • Leslie Jean Newell says:

    It was interesting to read this and to find out so much more about Job and Samuel Tyler.
    I was aware that several people in our past were given names because the work they did.
    Job Tyler was my 9th great grandfather. Apparently I am also related to President John Tyler.
    I wasn’t aware that there were 4 Tyler relations who were hung at the Salem Witch Trials.
    You and your associates have done a wonderful job getting all this information. Hope to read more in the future.

  • Norman says:

    Leslie Jean,
    I have since learned the source describing four Tylers who were hung was inaccurate. They were accused, but eventually allowed to go home. However, a cloud hung over them afterwards.

  • Tory Tyler-Millar says:

    I have been attempting to research my Tyler relatives for many years, but was only able to trace our line to my Great, Great Grandfather James M. Tyler of Vienna, Maine. This winter, I finally was able to find the link to Job Tyler through the Tyler Genealogy- Job Tyler Line after discovering that James father’s name was Eleazer Tyler. During this research, I found your description of the Tyler-Wood House in West Boxford, Massachusetts. Ironically, three years ago, my daughter and her family moved to Wenham, MA and live only a few miles from the homestead. I believe we have driven by the home when we have visited Ipswich. Thank you, Norman, for writing about the home and Tyler history. I look forward to finding out more information to share with my Tyler relatives.

  • Norman says:

    In two weeks I am going to remove myself for two nights from the many distractions at home and stay at an inn while I hope to complete the final draft of the Tyler family history. I hope this strategy is successful, since I keep finding more to include almost daily and the manuscript is already almost 300 pages.

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