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A note from Norm on two points regarding my current project:

First: I have just completed the manuscript for my new book, Job Tyler: History of an Immigrant Family Over Fifteen Generations. Chapter topics include: origins of the Tyler name; a history of the historic Tyler Homestead in Massachusetts; biographies of Tylers from many eras of American history; and a host of other topics of historical interest. The book includes profiles of 33 interesting and “notable” individuals from extended Tyler family lineages beginning with immigrant Job Tyler, who arrived in 1638. I am especially pleased a number of readers have volunteered to provide final comments on the narrative before it goes to press. (If you would also like to be a reader, please let me know now.)

Second: I have uploaded the family tree of each of those 33 individuals using WikiTree genealogical software. WikiTree allows users to research and contribute to their own personal family trees, while also building and collaborating on a singular worldwide family tree. Its mission in this regard is truly amazing. WikiTree now includes over twenty million profiles, and more than five million connections confirmed through DNA testing. Contributions come from over 600,000 genealogist volunteers. I myself have added more than one thousand Tyler names to its database.

WikiTree was selected for this purpose because of its ease of use, no cost, and ability to merge family trees from across the world. If you are interested in your family history, whether “Tyler” or another family, I encourage you to review their home page; you likely will appreciate what this dedicated group of volunteer genealogists is accomplishing. IMHO, WikiTree has served as an especially useful complement to the information in the new book.

So that’s my update. We hope you keep in touch on this and other topics of special interest.


  • Phil says:


    Yes, I would like to be a reader.


  • Alicia Marie LaFrance says:

    I would LOVE to be a reader! Please let me know the details.

  • Norman says:

    I am pleased to already have two new readers. You will receive a .pdf version of the book via email with some comments. My goal is to make the book readily available to as many people as possible, but it will be beneficial to have reviews from others before it goes to press.

  • Gubbinal says:

    I would love to be a reader and will pay you for access to the link. Thank you very much.
    Natalie Tyler

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