Tyler History Book now available!

By December 7, 2019Norm's Author Blog

I am pleased to announce my latest book, 15 Generations of American Stories: Notable Descendants of Immigrant Job Tyler, has just been published. Although focusing on the extended Job Tyler family, this narrative history should be of interest to any reader fascinated by the human side of the American experience. Included are 35 biographies collected from five eras of American history. Stories include Mary Sawyer Tyler, whose lamb was honored in a very popular poem; Joseph Tyler, murdered by Caribbean pirates; Comfort Tyler, accused of being a traitor in the Aaron Burr Conspiracy; Mary Tyler, burdened for her entire life by accusations at the Salem Witch Trials; Moses Coit Tyler, a distinguished academic who established the first national historical organization; two Tyler Civil War generals and heroes serving for separate Union and Confederate armies; and relatives of three different United States presidents, none being President John Tyler.

The stories included in its 193 pages could be a wonderful gift for family and friends. You can find it on Amazon Books under my name. I hope you enjoy reading about the colorful stories of these individuals as much as I enjoyed discovering them.


  • Joann Green says:

    Congratulations on another book published, Norm! It sounds interesting. I wonder what your next project will be to keep you busy!

  • Norman says:

    After the holidays I intend to reinvigorate the final draft of a manuscript on the history of transcontinental travel in the U.S. over two centuries. As with the Tyler history book, it will be primarily a series of intriguing biographies of individuals, those who took on the quest of creating new ways to get to the west.

  • Leslie Newell says:

    Congratulations on your newest book, Norm! I certainly learned a lot, just by reading about Mary’s little lamb. I already new that President Tyler is a relative.
    Have a nice Christmas and New Year.


    • Norman says:

      There is still a lot of conjecture regarding whether or not we are related to President Tyler. However, I found we are related through marriage to Presidents Roosevelt, Hoover, and Truman, as related in my book.

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