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The links below provide additional teaching resources for exercises in the book, Planning and Community Development, A Guide for the 21st Century (Tyler and Ward, 2011). Additional resources are being added on a regular basis. Suggestions and other examples are appreciated.

You may wish to have your students participate in the Rivertown Discussion Forum. To participate, send a Username for each student (email addresses for each are recommended, but not required) to author/project director Norman Tyler; a response will include a Password for each student. All information will remain confidential and not shared with any other source.

List of exercises
Initial Questions
On Rivertown
Biltmore Farmstead Proposal:
Chapter 2
Downtown Shoppers Survey:
Chapter 3
Subarea Plan:
Chapter 4
New Town Design:
Chapter 5
Rivertown Tomorrow
(Main St. Program):
Chapter 6
Adult World Book Store:
Chapter 6
Homeless Shelter:
Chapter 7
Establish a Historic District:
Chapter 8
Economic Development Plan:
Chapter 9
Transportation Study:
Chapter 10
Cartwright Farm Development:
Chapter 12
Interpretation of Contours:
Chapter 12
Parking Study:
Chapter 14
Taking in Rivertown:
Chapter 14
Jolly Burger Restaurant:
Chapter 15
Capital Improvements Program:
Chapter 16
Tax Increment Financing:
Chapter 16

Additional resources

Feel free to use these additional course materials for the Rivertown exercises.