Resources for 413 East Huron Street project issues.

The following links take you to resources regarding issues relating to the proposed high-rise student apartment building at 413 E. Huron Street.

Points (April 15) listing reasons the 413 project should not be approved.

SketchUp illustrations showing how the D1 zoned area along East Huron Street could be built out, based on provisions of the current zoning ordinance.

Powerpoint illustrations of the 413 E. Huron Street project.

Aerial photo of the project site in neighborhood context
Photos of the contextual area
Photos of The Varsity and 411 Lofts
Photo of the current condition of the Glen-Ann site

New UofM Grad dorm announcement in news article.

Chris Graham letter on saving legacy burr oak trees.
Jeff Crockett presentation on saving legacy burr oak trees.
HDC documents relating to saving natural features.

Letter to the editor written by Norm and published 21 February.
Presentation to Planning Commission on 5 February.
Group sponsored letter sent to Council, Planning Commission, and Planning Department in December 2012.

Issues related to the failed moratorium vote.

The Resolution for a Moratorium sponsored by Council members Sabra Briere and Steve Kunselman.
Resolution by Council directing Planning Commission to review recent site plans in the D1 zoning area.

Timeline describing evolution of D2 to D1 zoning for 2-block area on north side of East Huron Street; it consists of excerpts from public documents.

Legal points justifying need and power to rezone area north of Huron Street.

Letter written by Hugh Sonk on behalf of eight-neighborhood alliance and to be sent to Council members and others.
HDC resolution supporting the Moratorium.

Relevant maps and other illustrations