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By March 7, 2021Norm's Author Blog

Are you curious about model trains? My interest began long ago as a young boy. My current layout, named the “Ausemy and Eastern Railway” after our grandkids Austen and Remy, includes many unique features, so last year I submitted an article to Model Railroader magazine. I thought you might enjoy reading the article and seeing photos of the overall layout, weathered cars, and hand-built structures. You can view it online at:


  • Joann Green says:

    Wow, Norm! This is fabulous. We have heard about your trains for so many years, sometime maybe we can actually come and see your set up. This is so impressive. I can’t imagine the hours you have put into this wonderful hobby!

  • Anette Snyder says:

    Anxious to see it again! Great story and pictures. Was your article published in the magazine?

  • Norman says:

    The article has not been published after a long period so it might not be. However, I did receive a check from the publisher.
    Such is the life of writers.

  • Colleen says:

    Very nice article Norm. Was completely unaware of your train hobby but thoroughly enjoyed reading about it

  • Souleiado says:


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