First Church of Christ, Scientist, The Mother Church

Boston, Massachusetts

Beginning in 1987, I, along with David Evans and Tracy Coffing, had the opportunity to carefully investigate and meticulously document the buildings of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Examination of the exterior stone and terra cotta cladding lead to remarkable insights about the original construction of the Extension and the I.M.Pei-designed Portico Addition. Flaws and deterioration were due as much to the original design as they were to natural weathering of the materials. These conditions had to be addressed to stop the water intrusion that was causing extensive damage to the interior finishes as well as to underlying structure. For more than ten years, I oversaw a diversity of projects that replaced sheet metal roofing and the half-dome skylights, repointed the terra cotta domes, and cleaned and repointed the upper limestone cladding and the lower level granite base. Other projects included implementation of new exterior lighting, installation of egress hardware at the over-sized ornate exterior wood doors, and the addition of egress signage and lighting in a manner that complemented the building’s intricate Beaux Arts design.

In subsequent years, I have provided a peer review of documentation prepared by others. My knowledge of the building is unequaled by anyone on staff at the church, because of my many years associated with the site, and I continue to enjoy sharing my insights and resources with the staff charged with protection of this landmark historic site.