Bay City City Hall

Bay City, Michigan

Growing up in Bay City makes me especially proud of my work to restore City Hall. Having shared the investigation, documentation, and construction oversight tasks with Ann Dilcher and others at Quinn Evans Architects, I know we gave our very best to ensure the future integrity of the building envelope and its impressive character-defining interior. Its original construction in the high-style Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style makes this an icon for the City of Bay City.

The one hundred and ten-year-old interlocking terra cotta tiles were replaced in kind, but were hung on wood battens so that the underside of the tiles could be ventilated. The stone chimneys were stabilized and repointed, and re-capped in copper. The built-in gutters were re-lined and complex cricket flashing was replaced with new copper. Most impressive, however, was being able to restore the atrium skylight, installing insulated clear glazing that allows you to see the sky and lets natural light flood the interior; using a fritted glass reduced both excessive glare and solar heat gain, while retaining transparency. New oak doors replicated those visible in historic photos.

The atrium and Commission Chambers have been returned to their former glory, with historic paint colors highlighting the ornamental plaster and woodwork. Best of all was being able to replicate the newell post light fixtures at the entry, and to restore the ornamental metal railings to match their original metallic finish. Some elements of the railings had never been painted; these areas were cleaned to blend beautifully with the newly painted ironwork.