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From books:

“The Coming of the Pioneers.” A section of an unknown book on the land ownership of early settlers, many of which were Tylers, to Bowne Township, Kent County, Michigan, in 1836. [Charles file 1927-C, 15 pages.]

“Pedigrees of Tyler and Related Families: Tylers of York, James City and Charles City Counties.” [Charles file 1903/Denise Milke, 7 pages]

William Tyler Genealogy: The Descendants of William Tyler of Salem, New Jersey, 1625 (?)-1701. b. 1625 at Greinton, Somerset County, England. (published 1912, written by Willard I. Tyler Brigham). [Charles file 1923, 55 pages]

Portrait and Biographical Album of Stanton, Michigan. Tyler, Isaac E. moved to Ionia County, MI in 1836. [Charles file 1946, 3 pages]

“Semi-Centennial Address; Delivered at the Semi-Centennial celebration of the organization of the Baptist Church of Portland, Michigan, June 6, 1890.” (includes many references to Tylers). [Charles file 1982, 8 pages]

“The Story of Job Tyler, the Immigrant.” from The Grafton Magazine of History and Genealogy. September 1908. [Norm file: Association, 15 pages]

“The Story of Mary’s Little Lamb.” (story of Mary E. Tyler and her lamb) [Charles file 1982, 13 pages]

“Webbers of Methuen.” (includes Tyler connections). [Charles file 1976, 7 pages]

From private genealogies:

Grimm, Raymond Arthur/Odette Helen Tyler (1897) out of Edward King Tyler (1859)/ William King Tyler (1807)/ Charles Tyler (1780)/ Henry Tyler (1740)/ Nathaniel Tyler (1700)/ Roger Tyler (1670)/ John Tyler (1649)/ Henry Tyler (1620) [Charles file 1904/Joan Thomas Grimm, 9 pages]

Hulterstrom, John Walter (#8212). B. 28 April 1950 at Los Angeles, CA. (chart) [Charles file 2044, 107 pages]

Tyler, Amos Eugene. b. 3 March 1851 at Compton, Sherbrooke, PQ?; m. Martha W. Thayer 1850 at Janesville?, WI. [Norm file/Roxie, 11 pages]

Tyler, Amos Eugene (#4954) [Charles file 1904, 1 page]

Tyler, Catherine. b. 12 February 1773; m. Ebenezer Seymour of NY in 1809. [Charles file/JoAnn Gard, 6 pages]

Tyler, David. b. 19 March 1809 at Vienna, NY; m. Isabella Mahaffey 1830 and lived in Northumberland County, PA {Charles file 1935-A, 2 pages]

Tyler, Daniel. b. 1799; m. 28 May 1832to Emily Lee of Norwich, CT [Charles file 1904, 1 page]

Tyler, Dean M. b. Thetford, VT at August 1793; moved to Portland, MI. [Charles file 1908, 12 pages]

Tyler, Elizabeth (#898). b. 17 December 1775 at Boxford, MA; m. David Thompson (chart) [Charles file 1998, 2 pages]

Tyler, Esther Ann. b. 17 November 1830 at Springfield, PA; m. Andrew Jackson Reed in 1846, living in Wisconsin. [Norm file/Clyde Ormond, 8 pages]

Tyler, George Crouse. b. 13 April 1867 at Circleville, OH [Charles file 1951, 1 page]

Tyler, Gerald Robert. b. 19 November 1933 at Greenville, MI. [Norm file/Joan Cazier, 29 pages]

Tyler, Harriet Elizabeth. b. 2 July 1913; m. Guy Swearengen 1933; lived in Galesburg, IL. [Norm file/James G. Brown, 7 pages]

Tyler, Henry, b. 11 December 1805, father of Martha b. 14 January 1829 in Mississippi, son of Moses. [Norm file/ Eloise Allison, 7 pages]

Tyler, Hiram. b. 23 March 1843 at Allensville, Indiana; m. Sarah Mooney. [Norm file: Association, 11 pages]

Tyler, Isaac.. b. ca. 1738, lived in Maryland, descendants moved to Missouri in 1806. [Norm file/Clark Tyler, 30 pages]

Tyler, Job (#14). b. 16 December 1675 at Rowley Village, MA; m. Margaret Bradstreet. (lineage back to Alfred, the Great) [Norm file: Association, 2 pages]

Tyler, Job (#14). b. 16 December 1675 at Rowley Village, MA; m. Margaret Bradstreet. (from “Americans of Royal Descent,” Browning) [Norm file: Association, 2 pages]

Tyler, Jacob. b. 28 February 1795 at NY; m. 2 December 1819 to Dotha Smith, lived in Hillsdale, MI. [Charles file 1982/Nadine Gauthier Heppell, 5 pages]

Tyler, Joel James. b. 1805 at Vermont. [Charles file 1904, 3 pages]

Tyler, Jonathan (#427). b. 14 June 1760 at Woburn, MA. [Norm file/Rick Rusinak, 4 pages]

Tyler, Julia Ann. b. 23/24 October 1823 at Marcellus, NY; m. Ozias H. Atchinson on 10 March 1842. [Norm file, 24 pages]

Tyler,Lorenzo. b. 1808; m. 1833 to Eliza Ann Ray; lived in Utica, NY. [Charles file 1904-27 5 pages]

Tyler, Otis. b. 1804 at Boston, MA; m. Mercy Ann Rose. [Norm file:Association/Roberta Meraz, 5 pages]

Tyler, Rice. b. 1817 at Vermont; d. 10 January 1886 at Ingham County MI. [Norm file/Richard Tyler, 8 pages]

Tyler, Roswell Root/ m. Sarah Wood (#2574) [Norm file, 1 page]

Tyler, Royal. b. 2 July 1788 at Oxbridge, MA. (Norm file/Miriam Martin, 10 pages]

Tyler, Royal Edward (Perley) (update). [Norm file/Joyce G. Tyler, 15 pages]

Tyler, Royal Edward (Perley) (update). [Norm file/Melvin Persons, 2 pages]

Tyler, Sarah. b. 30 September 1738 at Preston, CT. m. Seth Smith. [Charles file 1923-3/Bernice Warnick, 10 pages]

Tyler, Sarah (#5973). b. 30 August 1827 at Fredericktown, OH; m. Peter Peck. [Charles file 1996, 13 pages]

Tyler, Seth (#6954) of Missouri and Texas (update). [Norm file/Harold S. Tyler, 9 pages]

Tyler, Solon Nathan. b. 29 April 1845 at Michigan; m. Mercelia Jane Sherman; d. 28 April 1935 at Traverse City, MI. [Norm file/Sharron Johnson, 8 pages]

Tyler, Captain Thomas. m. Miriam Simpkins c. 1685, settled in Boston. (chart). [Charles file 1978, 2 pages]

Tyler, Timothy. m. Lucy Beeman, moved from Durham, CT to Shandaken, NY. [Charles file 1935, 3 pages]

Tyler, Van Renssalear. b. 9 May 1794 at New Hartford, NY; moved to Washtenaw County, MI, 1829. [Charles file 1909/Michigan State Library, 7 pages]

Tyler, Walter Earl. 3 December 1907. m. Geraldine “Geri” Elizabeth Tyler. b. 6 June 1913. [Norm file, 2 pages]

Tyler, Dr. William Hamilton. b. 18 May 1780 at New Ashford, MA. [Charles file 1923-1/Mrs. Perry Smedley, 13 pages]

From private unpublished manuscripts:

“300 Years of Tylers.” (focus on The Maryland Tyler Family). written by James Seaton Tyler about immigrant Robert Tyler, b. ca. 1620-25, d. 1674 at Calvert County, Maryland. [Charles file 1923-7, 88 pages]

“The Descendants of Edward Stephen Tyler and Ella May Snyder Tyler.” compiled by Betsy Scott, 1998. (Edward b. 12 March 1850, out of Royall Tyler) [Order from author, Betsy Scott]

“Elizabeth Tyler Corby.” dau. Edward Tyler, Jr. lived near Waynesburg, PA. d. 10 May 1782. [Charles file 1983/William J. Tyler, 17 pages]

“Frank P. Tyler.” b. 24 March 1853 at Lake Mills, WI; m. 26 August 1878 to Flora Julia Pasco; lived in Villisca, IA. [Norm file/Joyce G. Tyler, 143 pages]

“The Low/Holbrook Family: The Tyler Branch.” Molly Frances holbrook Pfeifier (Editor). written up to 1949. lineage Job Tyler (1619)/ Samuel Tyler/ Captain Samuel Tyler, Jr./ Col. Ebenezer Tyler/ Rowland Tyler/ Hannah Read Tyler (b. 12 December 1809 at Dixmont, ME; m. Captain Nathan Low, Jr. in 1832). [Norm file/ Dan Lowe Holbrook, 10 pages]

“Official Report of the Fifth General American Tyler Family Gathering.” 12 September 1900 at Philadelphia, PA. [Charles file 1992, 23 pages]

Penn Tyler letter, written 15 January 1899 from Springfield, MA to Hamilton Lawson, his cousin [Charles file 1904-30, 2 pages]

“Program of the First Geneeral American Tyler Family Reunion.” 2 September 1896 at North Andover, MA. [Charles file 1992, 19 pages]

“Searching, Searching, Searching Tylers.” by Charles and Norma (Burkall) Tyler. [Charles file 1991, 6 pages]

“To My Sons.” written by M.B. Russell, including a section on Comfort and Eva Watson Tyler of Coldwater, MI, early 20th century. [Norm file/Myrtle Tisdel, 4 pages]

From newspaper articles:

“Hundreds of Tylers: First anniversary at North Andover last Wednesday.” Andover Townsman. 4 September 1896. [Charles file 1904]

Tyler, Jerry. b. 21 September at Saginaw, MI; m. Mary V. Witt 11 February 1926. [Charles file 1904, 2 pages]

Tyler, Moses Coit. b. 2 August 1835 at Griswold, CT. [Charles file 1904-14, 1 page]

Tyler, Royall. b. 18 July 1757. [Charles file 1904-14, 1 page]

Tyler, William W. b. 9 October 1841 at West Point, NY. [Charles file 1904-17, 1 page]

Witch Hollow Farm. A series of news articles on the designation of the Tyler Homestead as a protected property, 1994-95. [Norm file: Homestead, 24 pages]

From public records:

Tylers in the first census of Kentucky 1790, and censuses through 1850. [Charles file 1929, 5 pages]

Tylers in the 1830 census of Tennessee. [Charles file 1929, 2 pages]

Tylers in the first census of Connecticut 1790. [Charles file 1929, 2 pages]

“Property Descriptions of Tylers Who Lived in Van Buren County, Michigan in the Early 1900s or Late 1800s.” [Charles file 1963-1, 3 pages]

Early taxes for Tylers in West Boxford, MA, 1761-1775, and assessments, 1855-1977. [Charles file 1981, 6 pages]

For information, contact Norman Tyler at
Please list the title and complete file name when making a request.

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