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New City Planner Appointed

Rivertown will have a new City Planner beginning this week. Burnham Daniel was appointed to head the City Planning Department by City Council, and has arrived from his previous position with the city of Chicago. Daniel brings significant credentials with him, having been involved with many of the largest planning schemes for Chicago. Although some members of Council were concerned about his age (60), others felt his experience would be a real plus for the city as it begins its program of downtown revitalization.

When asked what he hoped to accomplish in Rivertown, Daniel replied, "I just hope to get to know the city and its people as quickly as possible. Although it is obvious the older downtown area is in need of major revitalization, I hope to hear from both merchants and residents."

Rivertown's downtown merchants association has called for new plans for the downtown, and especially the need for more parking. The Concerned Citizens of Rivertown, a residents grouped led by Mrs. Ima Peeples, has fought efforts to expand the downtown, and especially parking, into surrounding residential areas.

College receives Rural Technology Grant

President McBride of Reliance College has announced their Computer Science Department has received a $2 million grant to establish a Rural Technology Center. The Center will explore ways to bring internet technologies to rural communities.

Voltaire McBride, the president's son and an undergraduate student at the college, will serve as director of the new Center. When interviewed, he said the first goal is to find adequate space for the Center, including high speed internet service and parking spaces.


Fire at Discount Shoes building

Local fire department officials reported a fire at the vacant building formerly known as the Discount Shoes store. The fire gutted some of the interior, but caused no damage to the exterior or to adjacent buildings.

Local merchants and residents have long complained about the condition of the Discount Shoes building. "It is a firetrap, and is bringing down the value of surrounding businesses,"

complained local City Council member Delores Lemma. "Something must be done about it...now."

Owner Nipsy More has not been available for comment, but in the past has ignored pleas by city officials to repair the structure. Mr. More has been cited with a building code violation, but has taken no action to correct deficiencies. The City Council has discussed the problem in the past, but has not yet come up with a strategy to take care of this problem.


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