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After two years of research and writing, Norm’s book on the history of the Job Tyler family is ready for publication. We feel good about the stories it contains, biographies of 35 intriguing and notable ancestors over fifteen generations collected from five eras of American history. Stories include Mary Sawyer Tyler, whose lamb was honored in a very popular poem; Joseph Tyler, murdered at sea by Caribbean pirates; younger Job Tyler, who married the granddaughter of the first governor of Massachusetts; Comfort Tyler, accused of being a traitor in the Aaron Burr Conspiracy; Mary Tyler, who lived for her entire life burdened by accusations at the Salem Witch Trials; Moses Coit Tyler, a distinguished academic who established the first national historical organization; two Tyler Civil War generals and heroes serving Union and Confederate armies; and Tyler relatives of three different United States presidents, none named John Tyler.

Here is where you come in. The one question still remaining is determining an appropriate title for the book. The working title, Job Tyler: History of an Immigrant Family Over Fifteen Generations, represents a book about Job Tyler, when it is really about American history as depicted through his descendants. Norm is looking for a title that is more universal in its appeal and suggests that there are interesting stories for any reader to enjoy, not just Tylers. An alternate title possibility is, Fifteen Generations of American History: Stories from the Descendants of Colonial Immigrant Job Tyler.

So we ask for your assistance and would love to hear from you. Can you suggest a title and cover that best represents the book’s character as something appropriate for a general readership? We also show below alternative covers, and would like to know which you prefer. Feel free to offer suggestions either as a comment on this Blog or by emailing Norm directly (ntyler@emich.edu). We look forward to receiving your thoughts.


  • Natalie C Tyler says:

    I think that the second one, “Fifteen Generations” might attract a broader audience and that the first one, “Job Tyler” might attract more people named Tyler.

    The first cover illustration seems to say “Victorian” or 19th century BUT I like the way the orange color “pops” (better than the yellow) and I think that the women and children by the house on the first image has broader appeal than the more remote images on the second one. If I were browsing on Amazon.com the first image, with the people foregrounded, would make me look closer. Much depends on where and how you would like to find readers.

    Best wishes! You’ve done a fantastic job thus far.

  • James H Tyler says:

    I like the “Fifteen Generations” title in orange letters with the house.

  • Nancy Peterson says:

    The cover with the women is very appealing. I’m not sure about the title but Fifteen Generations better than the narrow appeal of Job Tyler. I like short titles but there needs some explanation with this book. Good job!

  • Anette Snyder says:

    I love the picture on the first one – it represents immigration well – and the orange font. Yellow seems too modern-day. I also liked the “History of …” statement on the first one, but would emphasize that part, and below add the description from the second one – “Stories from the family of immigrant Job Tyler” in smaller font. Just my opinion – you’re the expert! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Barbara Krueger says:

    15 Generations…..that gives a BIG clue to what is in the book.

    • Norman says:

      I agree that a key phrase in the title should be a reference to fifteen generations because it represents the family’s involvement over a long period of American history.

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