How do you choose your next book?

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Did you realize that according to Forbes there are about 2,000 books published in the U.S. every day? (About half are self-published.) This means as a reader it is impossible to keep up on everything out there, even if you focus your search.

One of the ways to find a good read is through book reviews, which are essential for authors. One literary critic has arguably asserted book reviews are as important as the books being critiqued—possibly more so. We agree that promoting a book can be as challenging as writing one, and feel fortunate the new edition of our Historic Preservation book has received a surprising number of positive reviews—so far in five local publications, statewide in Planning Michigan magazine, and nationally in Planning magazine and in the “Preservation Directory.”

With this in mind, we are intrigued by the process readers such as yourself use to select your next book. How do you decide on what to read next? Have your selections been based primarily on… reading a favorite author; did you come across a book at the library; was it selected for your book group; was it part of a series; did you do an Amazon search; did you view an online recommendation site such as BookBub; was it required reading for a class; or did you get interested simply because of a good media/newspaper review?

How do you find and select books to put on your night stand or download to your iPad?


  • Joann Green says:

    Friends recommend books or I read about a book that sounds interesting. I get all my books from the AAPL. Also read a few that were on the program about America’s favorite books.

  • James H Tyler says:

    I read primarily histories. One source is the Delancy Place web site that posts exerupts (?) of books. I have also followed an author. I have had good luck sourcing books through the Delaware Library System..

  • Jo Davis says:

    Hmm, fun question to ponder. If you think about it, reviews are probably the major way many of us choose our next read: i.e. book club (the selection is recommended or book talked in a way), NYTimes Book Review section or various articles, Publisher’s weekly, BookBub, friends, buzz on the street, library featured book on the shelf, book store featured books or their book club lists, TV shows such as America’s favorite book, online book clubs, google for book list or blogs that you follow such as this one, reading lists from various sources etc. There are, of course, other ways to choose a new book to read but not as prevalent as the “review”. Some of these include genres topic searches, on book places such as Amazon or the library shelf (not so easy at Westgate branch, however) or Books that friends or family have written….

  • Norman says:

    I have found Amazon reviews have been especially important to acceptance of books by the public.

  • Tom Kovacs says:

    I will be writing a textbook next year and find your blog useful. I would like to make sure that reviews are done for my book. For textbooks I suspect that reviews by professionals in trade magazines would be more useful. Any recommendations on how to make sure a published review is done on a book?

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