Ray Detter Local History Award

Earn up to a $1,000 cash award!

Have you seen the glass frames on sidewalks around Ann Arbor's downtown that tell stories about the city's past? There are an endless number of stories to tell about our community, as well as creative ways to tell them. Perhaps you would like to help tell the story of Ann Arbor's history. Perhaps your own family can provide a rich source of material for such a story, or you would like to explore a compelling local story in politics, sports, music, art, government, immigration, or the African-American experience.

Friends of Ray Detter, a community leader for many decades, established the "Ray Detter Local History Award" to honor Ray's long history of community service. This Local History award is given each year to an Ann Arbor high school student, or student group, who submits evidence of work on a local history project that contributes to the community. It provides a cash prize of up to $1,000 for the winner(s).

You are encouraged to become involved and apply for this year's award! Possible projects you could consider include, but are not limited to one of the following:

  • Document an historic site in Ann Arbor.
  • Assist with Ann Arbor Historical Street Exhibit tours.
  • Develop material for a local historical museum: e.g., Kempf House Museum, Cobblestone Farm, Museum on Main Street.
  • Produce media that promotes local history, e.g. Community TV; graphic novel.
  • Document an interview with a local historian.
  • Contribute to local history efforts at the Ann Arbor District Library.
  • Develop a program to promote this Award to all Ann Arbor high schools.

Applications for the Award are due on April 30th. 2019. Here is how to apply:

  1. Provide your name, contact address, phone number, and email.
  2. Write a brief statement describing your involvement in a local history project and how the community benefited from this involvement. (Note that submissions will be judged in part based on their historical accuracy; you are strongly encouraged to contact a local historian for assistance; names of individuals are available.)
  3. Submit project materials in any format--printed, digital, or linked to online resources.
  4. Include one letter of support from someone familiar with your project.

For questions or more information, contact Project Chairperson Christine Crockett at christinecrockett8@gmail.com.
Submit your completed project to the Ann Arbor Historical Foundation, P.O. Box 7973, Ann Arbor, MI 48107, or deliver it to Project Chairperson Christine Crockett at 506 E. Kingsley Street in Ann Arbor.
To be considered, applications for the award must be received on or before April 30th 2019. All applicants will be notified of their status by May 15th. The winner(s) will receive a check and special recognition at an Ann Arbor City Council meeting in June.