GEOG 441: Transportation Geography and Planning

GEOG 441 Syllabus

Draft Textbook (.pdf)

Intro PowerPoint (.pdf)

History of Transportation, Part 1 (.pdf)

History of Transportation, Part 2, The Automobile (.pdf)

Transportation Modeling Step 1 (.pdf)
Transportation Modeling Step 2 (.pdf)
Transportation Modeling Step 3 (.pdf)

Transportation Modeling web site (.pdf)

Innovative Transportation Policies web site

Ann Arbor Commuter Rail Newspaper Article: Part 1; Part 2

Modal Choice Presentation (.pdf)

Biking Presentation (.pdf)

Parking Presentation (.pdf)

Shumoon: Chunnel Presentation (.pdf)

Tarek: Phoenix Light Rail Presentation (.pdf)

Chris: High Speed Rail Presentation (.pdf)

Jenna: Walkability Presentation (.pdf)

Morgantown PRT Presentation (.pdf)

Parking Presentation (.pdf)




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