Old Fourth Ward
Neighborhood Association

The Old Fourth Ward Association was formed in the early 1980s by residents of the Old Fourth Ward Historic District to:

  • Maintain and protect the residential character of Ann Arbor’s oldest neighborhood and the site of the arbor which gave our city its name.
  • Preserve and enhance the architecture of the 400 historic buildings within the boundaries of the Old Fourth Ward Historic District.
  • Educate the public about the historic importance of the neighborhood and its architectural character.
  • Maintain and improve the physical surroundings and safety of the neighborhood including trees, lighting, streetscapes, traffic, parking and law enforcement.
  • Build social relationships and a sense of community identity and pride among the residents, property owners and merchants within the District and keep them informed of any developments that affect their neighborhood.
  • Develop a friendly working relationship with all units of civic government, the news media, and all nearby organizations, groups and businesses that will facilitate the objectives of this association.

For over 30 years, members of the OFWA have served in numerous civic committees, advocated for historic preservation at hundreds of City Council, Planning Commission and Historic District meetings, and held over 60 public forums on public safety, community standards, parking and historic preservation with Ann Arbor mayors, council members and city officials.


Welcome to Downtown Living

The link below provides a guidebook to living in the Old Fourth Ward historic downtown neighborhood. It answers questions about parking, trash/compost/recycling pickup, shopping, pets, and more, and it is current as of September 2022.

Welcome To Downtown Living 2022 Aug 25

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Old Fourth Ward Annual Picnic

For many years, Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood Association hosted an annual picnic in June. Typically over 200 individuals participated in this outdoor potluck picnic. In addition to local residents, attendees include local officials, downtown business leaders, and leaders and members of local organizations. The event had no program, but it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with both friends and new acquaintances.