This page links you to some of the residents of Rivertown involved with everyday life the downtown.

Ima Peeples, Resident

Delores Lemma, City Council

Burnham Daniel, City Planner

Clara Story, Local Historian

Susan Pollay, DDA Consultant

>Al Feldt, Store Owner

Nipsy More, Store Owner

Mabel Dankworth, BUGLE Editor

Norman Tyler, BankManager

Mayor: Grace Whitney

Council members: Ellie Clough, Cassandra Talley

Assistant City Planner: Kate Sample

Transportation Planner: Erin McCargar

Parks Supervisor: Phil Byers

Director, Downtown Development Authority (DDA): Chris Fraleigh

Historic District Commission: Claire Conzemius, Clara Story, Sarah Werling

Local historian: Claire Conzemius

Librarian: Lauren Holtz

Merchants: Quentin Davis (Friends Pets), Sarah Werling (Smith Hardware), Marcus Whiters (Vi's Deli), Chris Fraleigh (Corey's Tavern)