Rivertown Community Library

Current situation of property:
Constructed circa 1850, the building was the home for many years of Alvin and Eleanor Burkall and their progeny. The Burkalls immigrated from Denmark and Alvin's son, Peter, owned one of the first gas stations in the city, a well-known local landmark on East Biltmore Avenue, but now demolished.

In 1962 this structure was converted from a residence into a public library. It has a wealth of information on local history, and is also used for city documents, since there is no space available in the City Hall building for public access to public documents. It has fully utilized the space in this structure for a number of community purposes, and its Information Technology section, which includes computers and online access, was recently added.

The building is in good condition and well maintained by the library board.

Open the door to enter the library facility. . .