Sketch of downtown Rivertown.
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Dawson Law Building

Current condition of property:

This well-maintained office building is considered a gem of the downtown. It has been used for law offices since it was built in the 19th century. There have been few alterations, and it is considered one of the most historic buildings in the downtown area.
The attorneys who currently lease the building intend to stay at this location as long as the structure is properly taken care of. However, they have expressed a lot of concern about the deteriorated condition of the adjacent Discount Shoes building.

Market value of this property as is: $400,000
Size of each floor: 30x90 ft.
Current income of the ground floor ($18/sq.ft./year)
Current income of the upper floors ($15/sq.ft./year)

Project potential:

If the building had a rehab:
Cost to rehab ground floor ($50/sq.ft.)
Cost to rehab upper floors ($70/sq.ft.)
Potential income of the ground floor ($21/sq.ft./year)
Potential income of the upper floors ($19/sq.ft./year)

A financial analysis may be completed for this building using a pro-forma app.
Simply fill in boxes to determine its "Return on Investment" potential.